A good retirement plan includes a financial plan. A great one starts with it.
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There are many personal retirement solutions to choose from with various benefits and potential tax advantages. Therefore, it is important to have the right partner to provide guidance in determining the best approach for you. As part of your overall financial plan, Greenwood Capital offers:

  • Solo 401(k) – As a business owner and sole employee, you can enjoy the benefits and tax advantages of a 401(k). The Solo 401(k) enables you to make pre-tax automatic contributions towards your retirement, and even have your company make additional profit-sharing contributions. Just like the 401(k) investment earnings are not taxed until the employee (you) withdraw the money, typically after retirement.
  • ROTH Solo 401(k) – Similar to a 401(k), except contributions are taxed with withdrawals made tax-free.
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA) – With a traditional IRA you can direct pre-tax income toward investments that then grow tax-deferred. Taxes, including capital gains or dividend taxes, are not assessed until a withdrawal is made. The IRS establishes annual contribution limits and required minimum distributions at a stated age.
  • ROTH IRA – The same as an IRA, except the tax benefits are reversed: contributions are taxed and withdrawals are made tax-free. This can be an attractive option for individuals that expect tax rates to be higher in the future.
  • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA – A SEP IRA is an individual retirement account where contributions are made by the employer. As an employer sponsored plan, the SEP enables higher contribution limits than a traditional IRA, with the ability to vary those contributions up to stated IRA limits annually. This provides additional flexibility in managing your business.
Our Service
Our Service

When mapping out your financial future, working with a trusted investment advisor has many benefits.

  • Global perspective for your investment offering
  • Personal approach with a local relationship and dedicated private client advisor
  • Tailored asset allocation to address your individual retirement objectives as part of a holistic review of your financial life planning, including:
    • Retirement analysis
    • Social security optimization analysis
    • Existing retirement plans and, if appropriate, consolidation recommendations
  • Guidance, planning, and implementation through various life stages as you plan for, approach, and achieve retirement, and beyond
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See how Greenwood Capital tailors and streamlines the many options to meet your objectives and vision for retirement.

Retirement Options
Personal Approach

As with all our clients, we take a complete approach to retirement planning. Planning for your future is equally about your current financial plan and the retirement life you envision. Achieving that vision means defining it now and working together to implement financial and investment decisions that work with your life now while also progressing toward where you want to be at retirement.

In developing your retirement solution, we take your entire financial picture into consideration – your current and projected income, family considerations, and post-work fulfillment. We layer in additional considerations for our business owners, such as corporate retirement plans and business succession planning.

As we work with the end in mind, it is critical that all components work in tandem.

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