Personal Approach

Our Wall Street and global market expertise is only as impressive as it applies to you and assists you with your financial goals. If we don’t sound like typical wealth management advisors, it’s because we aren’t. We’re with you one to one, day to day. In these times, when it seems difficult to have confidence and trust in financial sources, we provide knowledge and experience, strengthened by the cohesiveness and the longevity of an established local team.

Greenwood Capital Wealth Management
Wealth Management Philosophy

What is the definition of wealth? Every person, every family, every business holds a different definition.

To define wealth investment objectives, we must truly understand your goals. As our client, you have the benefit of a Private Client Advisor developing and monitoring your tailored investment portfolio. We are proactive. We are holistic. This portfolio is all about you — your specific financial and investment needs. Your goals are key in maximizing the resources and strategies of our investment team.

Individuals & Families

Proactive & Holistic Financial Management

We strive to create a realistic, customized financial wealth investment plan for you while continuing to monitor and adjust your plan as your circumstances evolve. As an independent registered investment advisor, we are not tied to any investment product or bank, so we can create a wealth investment plan that is right for you based on your personal, professional, and family needs.


Greenwood Capital has the expertise of Wall Street with the benefit of our wealth investment team being right here in South Carolina. This affords you direct access to professionals with expertise that is proudly rooted in Upstate SC And, with a Private Client Advisor, you enjoy the personal attention of someone dedicated to your goals.

Discipline & Continuity

With our dedicated team, you have the benefit of a disciplined portfolio review tailored to your needs and a wealth investment process for strategy and allocation development, evaluation, and implementation. We begin the process very simply by getting to know you and your goals. Whether you desire to build wealth, preserve wealth, or to systematically distribute your wealth, we then work with you to develop an optimal wealth management strategy. After implementing your investment strategy, we monitor results and adjust accordingly. This applied discipline ensures a holistic approach to your financial picture, consistent monitoring, and communication with you. With our team approach, you may also take comfort in knowing there is continuity in managing your overall relationship.

Foundations & Endowments


Greenwood Capital brings a legacy of advising and managing investments for foundations and endowments. When working with your institution, we view ourselves not only as a financial partner and fiduciary, but also as stewards of the funds with which we are entrusted. Along with a legacy of investment management, Greenwood Capital has a proud tradition of vested interest in our clients’ success.


Foundations and Endowments benefit from our consultative approach to developing and implementing an investment policy statement. With an investment mandate in place, we are able to implement, monitor, and adjust based on market conditions and according to your governing statement. As partners, we will work together to maintain investment strategies tailored to achieve your goals and objectives.


Wall Street knowledge with South Carolina roots gives you the unique benefits of local service and convenience with direct access to professionals with extraordinary expertise. With a Private Client Advisor dedicated to your relationship, you enjoy personal attention from an experienced professional managing and reviewing your investment portfolio. Our team approach lets you take comfort in knowing there is continuity in managing your overall relationship. With ever changing market conditions, value is found in advisors dedicated to managing the investments of their clients and who provide the market expertise where you need it most – closer to your home and office.

Trusts & Trustees


Our independence also enables us to work with a variety of custodians, brokers, and other professionals, as selected by the Trustee. This results in unbiased transparency ensuring no doubts in the management of the Trust. With other providers, you may find predilection towards established business providers.


Whether you are managing a newly established Trust or a seasoned Trust arrangement, you will benefit in working with an investment professional with the expertise to guide you in either developing an Investment Policy Statement or reviewing your existing one. With an investment mandate in place, we are able to monitor, report, and adjust adherence to your governing statement. As partners, we will work together to maintain investment strategies tailored to the goals of the Trust.


As an independent registered investment adviser, we are able to offer just that – independence – to our Trust clients. Greenwood Capital enables each Trustee to bring together those professionals it deems in the best interest of the Trust to provide a holistic solution via separate but interrelated professionals. Each professional — the custodian and the Greenwood Capital Private Advisor — is able to function with a single fiduciary responsibility – always do what is in the best interest of the client.