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Greenwood Capital in Greenwood South Carolina

Greenwood Capital was established in Greenwood SC in 1983 at the corner of Main and Maxwell Streets in what was the historic Oregon Hotel, built in 1914. In 1966, the Oregon was closed and became part of The Greenwood Building to house the executive offices of Greenwood Mills. Greenwood Capital was originally the investment division of Greenwood Mills, and was founded as a separate entity, operating initially on the 3rd floor, and then the 5th floor. In 2018, Greenwood Capital and Countybank made a multi-million-dollar investment to occupy unused commercial space in what was originally The Greenwood Savings & Loan. Today, Greenwood Capital is an anchor on the historic Greenwood Uptown square with accessible parking and ground floor access.

In 2017, the American Planning Associations recognized Uptown Greenwood as a Great Neighborhood on the list of Great Places in American. This designation recognizes streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces demonstrating exceptional character, quality, and planning — attributes that enrich communities, facilitate economic growth, and inspire other communities around the country. Uptown Greenwood was considered a prime example of a smaller city thinking big by modernizing their downtown, while maintaining the historic character of Main Street.

Greenwood Capital and Uptown Greenwood both share the mission of embracing the future and preserving the past.

Greenwood Capital in Greenwood South Carolina

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425 Main Street
Suite 100
Greenwood, SC 29646