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Investment Philosophy
Investment Philosophy
In a complex financial world, we strive to keep things simple and maintain proper perspective.

Think about financial markets as a maze. It’s easier to find the solution from overhead than ground level. We view the world from a top-down perspective, assessing the big picture before drilling down to details. Our dedicated investment services team evaluates a variety of metrics from domestic to international economic growth, monetary and fiscal policy, along with relative value and opportunity across markets. We look for broad trends (both cyclical and secular) that we can implement across our investment strategies. Combined with our technology and resources, we can compete globally to evaluate individual opportunities.


We believe combined market and sector forces typically cause a significant portion of price movement in any given stock rather than company fundamentals. Our investment approach involves economic, market, and political environments with respect to the overall business cycle, as well as sector and industry trends and themes. Our goal is to build a tailored investment portfolio that will outperform the market over time, and is broadly diversified among sectors and industries, including large, mid, and small cap equities.

  • Large Cap Equities
  • Tax-Managed Large Cap Equities
  • Dividend & Income Equities
  • SMID Cap Equities

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Fixed Taxable Income
Fixed-Income Taxable

We bring together a diverse group of investment professionals to analyze macroeconomic factors, including interest rate outlook, economic environment, regulatory setting, and liquidity conditions. We use a disciplined approach in managing fixed-income investment portfolios with an active strategy that includes controlled duration management, yield curve positioning, sector rotation, and credit selection to provide competitive returns to passive strategies over longer-term investment horizons. 

  • Intermediate Gov/Credit
  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Enhanced Cash
  • Short Duration

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Fixed-Income Non-Taxable

Much like the process for taxable fixed-income investment portfolios, our expert team provides disciplined consideration of controlled duration management, yield curve positioning, sector rotation, and credit selection to produce competitive returns over longer-term investment horizons.  We also consider value analysis of municipal subsectors and bottom-up analysis of individual bonds. Tax considerations, such as a client’s state of residency, are essential to the process.

  • State Specific Municipal
  • National Municipal

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Fixed Income Non-Taxable
Diversified EFT
Diversified ETF

The cornerstone of our investment strategy at Greenwood Capital is founded on the belief that asset class selection is instrumental in driving the performance of investment portfolios over time.  Our macroeconomic-driven, top-down selection process is based on improving fundamentals, combined with attractive relative valuation of multiple asset classes. The result is a global investment portfolio that owns the asset classes with the most attractive risk/reward characteristics. We uncover global investment opportunities that might not be apparent using a pure bottom-up approach.

This same investment strategy approach is subsequently applied to asset class specific ETF portfolios that may be used stand-alone, as part of an actively managed separately managed account, or blended to create a diversified passive asset allocation.

  • Global Growth ETF
  • ETF US Equity
  • ETF International Equity
  • ETF Fixed Income
  • ETF Alternatives

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Institutional Clients

We have a dedicated investment services team working with our institutional direct and intermediary relationships across multiple platforms.  Our investment strategies are offered as Separately Managed Account (SMAs) and are marketed to Chief Investment Officers, Investment Consultants, and other key decision makers, including:

  • Healthcare, Higher Education, Non-Profit Organizations and Foundations – managing a specific mandate and/or working in tandem with the client to develop and monitor to an active Investment Policy Statement
  • Financial Advisers – providing managed money solutions for broker/dealers and other investment adviser representatives to meet specific investment objectives
  • Sub-Advisory Relationships – providing managed money solutions to other investment adviser representatives and trust departments to meet specific investment objectives
  • Outsourced CIO – providing investment strategy models on various platforms across the country

We have established offerings on many investment platforms, and we maintain institutional level data with multiple database firms including eVestment, ISN/Proforma, and Morningstar.

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Institutional Clients
Personal Approach
If we don’t sound like a typical asset manager, it’s because we aren’t. We pride ourselves on our personal service as much as our Wall Street and global expertise. In a day and age when it seems difficult to have confidence and trust in financial sources, at Greenwood Capital, we provide knowledge strengthened by the cohesiveness and longevity of an established local team with roots in Upstate SC.

Investment Team

Justin R. Bartanus

Investment Associate

Dr. Mark K. Pyles, CFA®

Director of Multi-Asset Strategies
Investment Committee

John D. Wiseman

Director of Fixed Income
Investment Committee

Claud W. (Will) Bond, IV

Senior Trading Manager

Ethan M. Sperry

Operations and Trading Associate

John R. Decker, CFA®

Director of Equity
Investment Committee

Walter B. Todd III

President, Chief Investment Officer
Investment Committee

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