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Greenwood Capital in Greenville, South Carolina

Having served clients throughout SC since its founding, Greenwood Capital was committed to opening a dedicated office in downtown Greenville SC. In 2009, Greenwood Capital moved into the former Piedmont Natural Gas building, at the corner of McBee Ave and Academy St, which had been constructed during the downtown revitalization efforts of the late nineties. As Greenwood Capital’s dedicated team continued to develop in Greenville, the firm made a multi-million-dollar commitment to renovate and upfit more than 6,000 square feet of unused commercial space on the third floor in 2017. This commitment has enabled the firm to expand its client base and team while connecting with Greenville’s friendly, thriving downtown.

From the natural beauty of Falls Park and the urban adventure of the Swamp Rabbit trail to the live music at Camperdown and the art installations at NOMA Plaza, Greenville is a welcoming retreat for visitors of every age and explorers of every type. After a dedicated revitalization project over the past forty years, Greenville has received many accolades and awards including “The South’s Most ‘Tasteful’ Small Towns” from Forbes in 2020, “15 of the Most Underrated Travel Destinations of the Year, So Far” from Insider in 2019, “Best Places to Live” from Money in 2019, and “Best Place to Live in the USA #22” from U.S. News & World Report in 2019.

Greenwood Capital and Downtown Greenville are both committed to securing the future through diligence in the present.

Greenwood Capital, Greenville South Carolina

Greenville Falls Park in Greenville, South Carolina



201 W. McBee Avenue
Suite 300
Greenville, SC 29601