Greenwood Capital Wealth Management
About Us

Greenwood Capital brings a 50-year history of real world investment management solutions from real people who care.

We know investors have their own goals and aspirations. That’s why we place a premium on listening and understanding. Smart and globally savvy, our investment management team is uniquely qualified to look at today's world markets and cut through passing trends to bring you sound advice. We know the complexities of the financial world. Our point of difference is that we will also know you. Our success begins and ends with you — your goals and needs.

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Greenwood Capital Investing Team

The Marriage of Global Investment Management Strategy & Individual Portfolio Needs

In an increasingly complex financial world, we strive to keep things simple and to maintain the proper perspective when managing your investments.

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Greenwood Capital Wealth Management

A Proactive & Holistic Wealth Management Plan for your future

We strive to create a realistic, customized financial investment plan for you, while continuing to monitor and adjust your plan as your circumstances evolve.

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It’s a matter of trust. We view ourselves not only as a financial partner and fiduciary, but also as true stewards of the funds with which we’re entrusted. It’s a part of our legacy — our DNA — to serve you and manage your investments as if they were our own. We’re proud to become an integral part of your mission.

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Simply put, we’re here for you. Our personal investment management and wealth advisors are dedicated to your relationship and provide direct access to professional management and review of your investment portfolio. You always have market expertise where you need it most, whether close to your home or across the nation.

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We’re in this together. Our investment management professionals will work with you to maintain your investment strategies to achieve your goals. This consultative approach results in an investment mandate that we are able to implement, monitor, and adjust based on market conditions and according to your governing statement.

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Greenwood Capital Brian Disher
Our Team

A Wealth & Investment Management Team with Vision & Expertise

Greenwood Capital’s knowledge and capabilities are matched with something just as valuable — the human experience. Get to know our wealth and investment management team. They’re here for you — with answers, advice, and an uncanny ability to turn complexities into down-to-earth explanations. It all begins with a conversation.

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Retirement Planning

Achieving a vision for retirement means making decisions that work for you today.

Whether developing retirement solutions for individuals or for business owners, we take the entire financial picture into consideration.

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