Greenwood Capital Expands Retirement Solutions



Greenwood Capital Expand Retirement Solutions

Recognize W. Coxe and D. Lollis for Achieving Retirement Credentials



Greenwood Capital announces the expansion of its group and individual retirement plan/account solutions utilizing proprietary unified managed account (“UMA”) models, enabling plan participants/clients to customize their retirement accounts for their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. The Greenwood Capital UMA solution is comprised of exchange traded funds (“ETFs”) that are utilized either in a group retirement solution (e.g. 401(k) and 403(b) plans) where each participant may choose the model to be applied to their account, or at an individual account level, such as an individual retirement account (“IRA”), SIMPLE IRA, Roth IRA, Solo 401(k) and Roth 401(k) plans, and Simplified Employee Pension IRA (SEP). Models range from 100% fixed, 100% equity (with or without international equity), and may be tailored by each client.


“Greenwood Capital has worked with the hard-working people of the state since our inception when we managed the pension investments for a local textile mill,” said Walter Todd, President and Chief Investment Officer. “In fact, we have been managing retirement assets for nearly 40 years.”

“We are humbled to continue to be a trusted advisor for our clients as they plan for their post-work lives,” continued Todd. “The utilization of ETFs enables clients to customize their retirement plans individually, or working with a third-party administrator within their group retirement plans, while offering diversity and managing plan expenses.”


With this expansion in services, Greenwood Capital is also committed to providing a solid foundation in retirement knowledge. “With the ever-changing landscape of retirement solutions, we wanted to ensure we are investing in our team to provide solid short- and long-term retirement advice that considers the unique needs of today’s investors combined with the variety of solutions,” said Brian L. Disher, Director of Wealth Management.


Greenwood Capital is pleased to recognize William M. Coxe, Jr. for achieving the Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorTM (CRPC™ designation) and Denise H. Lollis, for achieving the Certified Planning Fiduciary Advisor® (CPFA®) credential through coursework and examination.



The CRPCTM designation achieved by Coxe places emphasis on clients’ pre- and post-retirement needs. The College for Financial Planning, the issuing organization, describes the program as helping advisers create a “roadmap for retirement” for their clients, covering financial objectives, sources of retirement income, personal savings, employer sponsored plans, income taxes, retirement cash flow, asset management and estate planning.


“I am honored to provide additional expertise to our clients as they focus on this critical aspect of their overall financial plan,” said Coxe, Private Client Advisor. “I look forward to further assisting our clients as they plan for their future and answering such questions as ‘how much do I need to retire?’ or ‘How might I retire early?’.”


The CPFA® designation achieved by Lollis places an emphasis on the fiduciary responsibilities and regulations enumerated in federal law, including the Investment Advisers Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”), and the Internal Revenue Code.


“The CPFA® designation is intended to demonstrate the expertise required to act as a retirement plan fiduciary and to assist other group retirement plan fiduciaries in managing their roles and responsibilities to the retirement plan,” said Lollis, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer. “Our goal in achieving this in-house knowledge is to be a resource to clients in administering their plans.”


“We are honored to recognize both Denise and William for their efforts, including additional study and examination, as well as continuing education requirements,” said Todd. “By offering this additional expertise within our team we believe we can further guide local businesses and their employees in successfully preparing for their post-retirement lives.”


Founded in 1983, with specialized teams for wealth and institutional investments, Greenwood Capital offers a variety of services for the individual as well as institutional clientele. Using a top down approach and direct experience in managing proprietary investment strategies, Greenwood Capital is recognized as one of the largest independent investment firms in the Southeast, managing more than $1.5 billion in assets nationwide.

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