Unwrapping Presidential Tax Returns & Consumer Loan Fraud
Walter Todd on BBC Business Matters


Walter Todd on BBC Business Matters

Walter Todd joined Jyoti Malhotra and Devina Gupta on BBC Business Matters to provide the American perspective on global news. From economic moves in Japan to the Taliban’s closure of women’s universities, Walter provides input on the market impact of these far-reaching headlines.

4:16 – Walter discusses the recent vote to release former President Donald Trump’s tax returns and whether that decision will impact the Republican candidate for President in 2024.

16:30 – After the announcement of the bank of Japan’s plan to raise rates, Walter talks about the impact of the country’s departure from its traditional low interest rates.

27:03 – Wells Fargo is in hot water again after being hit with a $3.7 billion fine for loan mismanagement. Walter considers the impact on both stockholders and victims of misapplied loan payments, improper home foreclosures, illegally repossessed vehicles and surprise overdraft fees.

37:13 – The Taliban has suspended women’s access to universities. While the US has condemned this decision, Walter debates whether there is more that the US government could do to improve the situation for women in Afghanistan.

45:50 – Walter chimes in on the changing face of UK’s banknotes after the inauguration of King Charles and compares it to the push to update the $20 bill in the US.

Listen to the full interview here.

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