South Africa Spending, South Korea Skincare, & South Carolina Fried Chicken
Walter Todd on BBC Business Matters


Walter Todd on BBC Business Matters

Walter Todd was back on BBC Business Matters to provide the American perspective on global news. From age-defying skincare to African health spending in the wake of a continuing age crisis, Walter provides input on the economic impact of these far-reaching headlines.

10:10 – Walter discusses the emerging market of South Africa and the impact of a strong US dollar on the country’s economy.

17:15 – Walter compares the booming South Korea beauty market with American companies that Greenwood Capital holds, and he touches on the importance of diversification in a country that is primarily known for tech.

35:45 – While the United States has accessibility to the anti-viral drugs to treat HIV and AIDS, Walter debates if America’s high-cost healthcare system prevents these medications from reaching necessary populations.

47:00 – During the discussion of Harissa paste’s new UNESCO heritage status, Walter provided a spirted defense of Southern Fried Chicken as a cultural icon of the Carolinas.

Listen to the full interview here.

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